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Setting out on our journey, we had never imagined becoming a small community creating an expressive style of its own within the vast world of the ״Piyut״ (Sacred poetry), working our way along the seam between our memories and a search for identity – a local Jewish – Israeli sound.


The formulation of the ensemble began in 2006 under the direction of one of the greatest North African Paytanim (liturgical poets-singers) of this generation Rabbi Haim Louk. The encounter with the treasure of North African poetry and music opened before us an inspiring field of action that crosses borders, generations and social definitions.  Step by Step the Piyut Ensemble began to develop their own unique and multilayered language independently. 

It is a music of the past, as much as it is of today.  It is a part of Jerusalem and the Diaspora.

The Ensemble gained recognition of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which resulted in the release of the first album “Arba Otiyot, Distributed by the label “Nana Disc” at 2015. 


The Piyut Ensemble performs frequently to critical acclaim, including in unique collaborative performances at leading music festivals internationally and in Israel, bringing a new sound which is both deeply rooted in tradition and completely contemporary.


The Ensembles activities are conducted under the aegis of the Ben Zvi Institute in Jerusalem.

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