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For two decades The Piyut Ensemble, a collective of 18 musicians, spreading over 3 generations from the age of 84 to 24, has been formulating its unique choral style.

Deeply rooted in the North African and Middle Eastern Judeo-Arabic traditions of sacred poetry and Music, they engage in a free-ranging artistic journey, searching for a profound musical and spiritual expression, a new sound that is born from this unique gathering, at this time. An ancient sound that is coming from the future.

Their sound could be described as an original interpretation of North African – Middle Eastern Jewish- trance music focusing on traditions from the Tafilalt region of Morocco. Based on a rhythmical vibrant circle of multiple voices and intense drumming and clapping, they create a unique polyphonic texture that is rooted in traditional performance practices, while simultaneously challenging borders,
generations, and social definitions. A sound that emerges from the multi vocal essence of conteporary Jerusalem, and from the deep longing shaped during centuries in the Diaspora.

The formulation of the ensemble began in 2006 under the direction of one of the greatest North African Paytanim (liturgical poets-singers) Rabbi Haim Louk .


The Ensemble gained recognition of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which resulted in the release of the first album “Arba Otiyot (Four letters), distributed by the label “Nana Disc” in 2015.

The Piyut Ensemble performs frequently to critical acclaim, including in unique collaborative performances at leading music festivals internationally and in Israel.

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